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I know I keep bringing up Supernatural, but other people keep bringing it up first, and there’s something about their unwillingness to just write some fanfic and let it go that, I don’t know, it’s still on my mind. This is not a knock on the people still feeling things, because I obviously still feel a lot of things about things, but it’s different.

As I’ve said, I sort of suffered my greatest fictional losses alone. I didn’t really engage with the fandoms for True Blood and Game of Thrones beyond sometimes listening to or making mixes or appreciating or making graphics and art, because I know what I like and neither fandom, from what I saw, quite provided: True Blood cared too much about boys, specifically which boys got to boink Sookie, while also occasionally being weirdly disrespectful of Sookie, not to mention how shitty it often treated Tara, while Game of Thrones‘ TV fandom (I clarify because the ASOIAF people my mom knows seem generally pretty cool) is full of toxicity and racism and misogyny and concrete thinking (for example, I fucking love Dorne in the books and what it could have been in the show but the fandom sure didn’t and that definitely influenced how the writing ultimately handled it, and if you try to tell me it didn’t you’re lying liars, B&W). I’ve commiserated with many fellow fans of both shows IRL since they ended, but at the time I mostly shouted into the void and then shut up.

I’m not going to go any further into the minutia of Game of Thrones fandom and my reactions to it today, though, because that’s not what Supernatural keeps making me think about. Supernatural, and the fans’ reactions to it, keep making me think about True Blood, and not just because of all of the comparisons I drew between the finales. That does factor in, but it’s not all of it by a long shot.

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if you throw things away, I make them gay

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if you throw things away, I make them gay

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